Sweets Box


£7 when you purchase 2 or more boxes

24 premium handmade Persian sweets in luxury gift box. Six flavours to choose from:

  • Berenji
  • Gerdouie
  • Nargili
  • Nokhodchi
  • Toot
  • Zanjebili

Select up to 4 varieties per box (one as a minimum):



Our premium sweets box is an ideal gift for colleagues, friends and family. Freshly made to order and handmade in luxury packaging, our sweets are made with:

  • Free range eggs
  • 100% butter, no vegetable oil
  • 100% chickpea and rice flour, no plain flour mix
  • 100% ground almond, no filling mix
  • 100% premium Persian saffron
  • more than 70% walnut, almond and coconut content